Day 111 {seeds}

I had hoped to get out of the office at lunch today but unfortunately it didn't happen. I am so excited to get out and take some more pictures in Guelph. I am so used to taking pictures of people that it was refreshing to get out of the house and take pictures of subjects that are patient and don't talk back.

Anyway, I don't have much for you today - just a couple of non-exciting pictures. I made a quick stop on the way home today to pick up some activities for Ava and I to do tomorrow.

Ava and her fake "leave me alone and let me watch Toopy & Binoo in peace" smile.

And that was it. It was a work day so it was hard to come up with a whole lot other than this. I am now off until Monday so I am hoping that I can escape the house a bit over the weekend and take some pictures. It's supposed to be beautiful with a high of 24 C. :)

Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
Aw, I think the "fake" smile is still so cute! I've never heard of those vegetable characters before.
Melissa said…
Very cute pic of Ava! Hope you have a blast planting! I'm sure Ava will!
Anonymous said…
That is funny you picked up those seeds. I almost bought the girls all that for Easter and changed my mind. Just because I like gardening doesn't mean anyone would plant seeds with them..

Anonymous said…
OO veggies!! We had some spinach from our garden last night with dinner. MY first time growing it and I love it. Its fun to see the kiddies in the garden.;-)
Erika said…
Good luck with the gardening! And Ava is so cute, despite the eagerness to get away (boy, have I got my share of such photos!). =)