Day 112 {earth day}

Today was a pretty good day. In addition to doing some Earth Day activities with Ava, I scratched another thing off my "to shoot" list. Big thanks to Sheri for reminding me. I have wanted to capture Ava's weight and height for a while but kept forgetting to do it.

Her weight (somewhere between 33-35 lbs as the scale gave us a few different readings):

(Thanks Shannon for suggesting I take a picture of Ava on the scale.)

Her height (39 inches):

You'd think this would be a simple enough shot to get. Not with two babies helping it isn't. The boys kept pulling the measuring tape and bugging Ava. So to get this shot:

Ava and Jason had to go to the front door, get the boys to follow them and then run as fast as they could back to the kitchen so I could take a picture before the boys got there.

Anyway, after that Ava and I went to the library to look for picture books on gardening. We probably would have walked since it's Earth Day and all but it was cold and it was SNOWING (this is not rain):

Number of screaming children carried from the library this time? Zero. Outstanding.

In the afternoon we sat down and started Ava's garden. Gardening is another thing I know very little about so it was like the blind leading the blind.

Ava's "tada". Our completed pea pods. We planted carrots, lettuce, peas, cherry tomatoes and beans. We also put a bean in a baby jar with some wet towels so she can see how the shoots are going to grow in the soil. Or should I say IF they grow? IF they grow, these will be later transplanted into a little garden for Ava outside.

We also planted some flowers. These are nusturtium (tom thumb). They are supposed to grow really fast.

Ava's flower pot and her greenhouse are now in her bedroom. Why do I get a feeling that pictures in the coming days could include pictures of me cleaning the carpets?

Here is my favourite picture of the day. You wouldn't know that she drove me crazy all day, would you? So far three is a lot more challenging than two ever was.

And that was it. Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Ok, where did you get the cool gardening stuff? We want to get some of that for Emma for her birthday. Great photos.
listgirl said…
Your days always seem so busy and full! I guess when you have three under three, that's the way it is. So the veggie faces yesterday were SEEDS. Oh.... I like Ava's little greenhouse.
Sheri said…
Great shots Jen! I love Ava's little garden...I too would love to know where you got the stuff. Not sure we have the room in our backyard for a garden though :)
Mara said…
SO sweet! I love it! ;-)
Flohbock said…
I hope you enjoy gardening and nice to see how quickly the young grow ..
Melissa said…
These pictures are so adorable, Jen! I love how her sock is on funny in the scale picture - small detail, but so cute!

You continue to amaze me with all of the things you are able to squeeze into a day with 3 kids! You are super mom! What fantastic memories the kids will have!
Karen E. said…
I can hear Ava giggle as she runs from the front door back to get her height measured, leaving the little boys far behind! Love your gardening items. You are welcome to come to Aunt Karen's garden anytime when the vegetables are ready to harvest.
Thanks, everyone! Shannon and Sheri - here's the scoop. The greenhouse thing was from WalMart. It was about five bucks and it was really cool. It has a black bottom and clear lid. Inside there are 25 "peat pods". They are like a little dirt puck with a thin kind of pantyhose kind of thing around it. You pour water on them and they puff up. Then you pull the pantyhose back, dig a little hole, throw the seads in and then close it up. The McKenzie seeds (carrots, lettuce and peas) were also from WalMart. The Fun Seeds (beans & tom thumb flowers) were from Home Depot. I picked them up a few weeks ago and the Fun Seeds actually had a lot more vegetables and flowers to choose from. I plan to go back and buy the sunflower ones too. Then the watering can was just under $5 (found in the indoor plant area) and I got a little gardening trowel for $1.50. In total the whole thing cost about $20 to make. The greenhouse is cool because once you are done you flip the clear part over and have your lid. They also had different sizes. The one we bought with the 25 peat pods was the smallest one. The biggest one had to have at least 100 peat pods in it. Because we had the peat pods, we didn't need to buy additional dirt which was nice (however we needed dirt for the flower we put in the pot). Hope this helps.

Thanks for the offer Karen! We would love to see your garden. You have the good stuff like strawberries. We just have the boring vegetables. I wanted to do pumpkins but it sounds like that would not be a good idea and we'd have a million of them. :(
Erika said…
The weight and length-pic of Ava are great ideas! But I wouldn't want to do that with me on the scale.. ;)

Cute gardening photos, hope Ava gets a lots of plants in her garden soon!
Amy Lightfoot said…
Awesome pictures Jennifer!! 33-35 lbs is funny to me only because my little Bekah who will be 5 in 3 weeks is just 35 lbs now :). She is my little peanut!!!