Day 113 {checkup}

Today the boys got their shots. The only thing worse than taking a baby for shots is taking two babies for shots. They were very good and the crying was very brief. The silent build up to the cry was much longer than the cry itself.

Anyway, Ethan went first...

Then Owen. Big thanks to Janet for letting me take pictures. :)

As usual, I was a much bigger wimp than the boys.

Ethan is now heavy enough for us to flip his car seat forward facing and Owen is a half an ounce short. The boys are still almost exactly a pound apart, are within a 1/4 of a cm in height and have the exact same head circumference. (This is a note that Janet made on the paper on the exam table.)

Ava went for a visit with Sara and got to play with my niece:

and my nephew.

Jason went golfing so the kids and I had breakfast for dinner. We had crepes with chocolate chips.

I think they liked them:

Other randoms from today:

Playing fetch with Chevy (that's her ball tucked beside my leg).

Sitting outside on the deck with Sara.

And that was it. Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Awe, poor little guys! I hate taking the kids for their needles. Glad to see Jason went with you. I always had to do it alone.

Double check the weights on your carseats before you flip the boys. Many manufacturers don't allow you to flip them until they are 22 lbs. I know all of mine have been 22 lbs. If you do so before that point you void all liability from the manufacturer if they seat is defective in an accident.
Melissa said…
Very cute pics Jen. Love the chocolate faces! Sorry about the shots - brave boys!
Anonymous said…
Very funny day. I like the on with the boys on the scale. there socks showing its just way cute ;-)
Looks like you had sunny weather very nice.
Flohbock said…
Well, the two keep you up to speed pretty well everything i order! I like your cup!
Thanks, everyone!

Thanks for the info Shannon. Our car seats are actually rated for 20 lbs. I'd like to keep them both turned backwards as long as possible but they are too long and their feet are resting against the seat. We'll probably flip them both around in another month or so as Owen's only missing the mark by 1.5 oz. By then we should be good.
listgirl said…
I love that photo of the cat hiding, so cute. I just love your everyday photos you document.