Day 91

I wracked my brain last night over what kind of prank I could play on Jason for April Fools' Day. I was having a hard time coming up with something but I came up with an idea. Lame? Quite possibly, but I thought it was amusing. Keep in mind I don't get out much.

He's on afternoons, so I swiped his cell phone while he was sleeping and went in search of a new ringtone. He's carpooling and he's also easily embarrassed, so this would be easy. The desired ringtone? It's Raining Men by the Weather Girls. Could I get it? No. Stupid Bell Mobility. My second choice? I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Did I find it? No. Way to go Bell Mobility. I had to settle for Dancing Queen. Not the best, but it would do the trick. The cost of this prank? $3.50.

The battery was getting low so I charged it a bit, changed the ringtone, cranked the volume to max and created a greeting for him:

Then I shut it off and put it back where I found it and waited for him to leave for work.

It turns out he wasn't carpooling today. No problem because he did have to go pick up baby groceries from the grocery store. I'd give him a 20 minute headstart and call him so it would ring in the middle of the grocery store. The plan was lame yet brilliant if you know Jason. I could hardly wait. So 4:30 came and I called. HIS CELL PHONE WAS OFF.

So as far as I am concerned, it's April Fools Day in this house until I say it isn't. He's back to carpooling again tomorrow so I will try again.

Other than that, not much happened. Ava and I went to the library in the afternoon to see Nana after a quick trip to Tim Hortons. Here's Ava surrounded by her favourite things - new Max & Ruby books, timbits, apple juice and her Nana.

One of the perks of having connections. You get to scan the barcodes on your own library books.

Waiting for our receipt. Yep. We always get a lot of books.

These pictures are for Grandpa McDougall (and I am sure Great Grandpa McDougall will like them as well). Here are the boys riding their first John Deeres that Grandpa bought them for Christmas. They were a big hit today.

Here's Owen, AKA Down, AKA Square:

and Ethan, AKA Up, AKA Circle, AKA Kiki:

In the spirit of April Fools Day, I leave you with this. I was reminded of this when I saw today's Plinky prompt. My ringtone prank becomes even lamer by comparison.

That's it for today. I'm off to listen to some Journey in an effort to suppress the memory of the rendition of Don't Stop Believing that the American Idols just massacred on the results show.

Thanks for looking! Have a good night.


listgirl said…
That's a really clever prank! I hope it works tomorrow.
Melissa said…
You're hilarious! Glad to see that the boys were playing on the tractors - maybe it will keep them from climbing the walls! :) Hoping to pop by for a visit after school today!
Erika said…
LOL, your prank is a really great idea! You must let us know how it works out! :D
Cute photos from the library. We must take a trip there, we have a really great library, but we almost never visits it. A shame.