Day 92

The morning was pretty rough today. All three kids were miserable, Ava was driving me crazy and the morning seemed like it lasted three days. My grandfather was a shift worker like Jason. My grandmother would threaten her kids within an inch of their life to be quiet while he was trying to sleep during the day. When he woke up, she'd ask him how he slept and if he heard the kids and he'd say no but I heard you. Well it was one of those days and I am sure that Jason heard me LOTS.

Ava's new favourite cereal. I'm a Captain Crunch girl myself (not that I ever buy it. I would gorge myself on Captain Crunch and blueberry Pop Tarts every day if I didn't have to watch my weight).

Ava dragged her brothers' high chairs so they were beside her at breakfast.

Ava & Owen. They've really been getting along lately. He's been behaving himself. Normally if she got this close to him, he'd grab a fistful of her hair.

At one point during the morning I looked over and saw this.

Somehow Owen's sweater was half off and he had crawled out of his pants.

Tell me he doesn't look like Barney Rubble.

Crap. They have discovered the central vac plugin. Wonderful.

It was all fun and games until Owen squashed Ethan's hand. Don't feel too bad for Ethan. A few hours later he would pinch Owen's finger in one of the drawers on the tv stand (still haven't put the new plan in action).

In the afternoon I hooked up the boys' new baby swings outside and took the kids outside. Auntie M came over for a visit and played with us too. I took a pile of pictures but was very disappointed to later discover that a smudge on my lens was visible in each and every picture. Some were definitely worse than others, but it was in all of them and I am too tired to do the editing to salvage them. So I only have a few pictures of that.

Ava climbing the playset to go to the slide. She put her boots on herself. Backwards.

Check out our grass. It's pretty sad looking, but I find it amazing that it is so dry. The ground is never this dry in early April. Some people have even rolled their lawns already. (This is Owen by the way.)

So judging from the fact that this post took me three hours to post this between mini-naps, I'd say the kids did a hell of a number on me today. I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. (Great. Now I feel guilty for saying that.)

I have an update on the ringtone situation. Guess who's phone was OFF again today?

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Another Captain Crunch fan! I thought I was the only one :) I LOVE that stuff!! Like you I could eat it every day! But don't for the same reason you don't and also it's not cheap! But when it goes on sale, I am right there :) It's great, because I am the only one who likes it. Have you given Ava Fruity Cheerios before? Those are Alyssa's favourite. They look just like Fruit Loops but less sugar in them...or at least I think less sugar :)
Karen E. said…
Awesome story of your day Jen. At least you know that the boys brain cells are working. They are simply checking out how the central vac works! Love the comparison with Barney! Do have a great day at work and don't feel guilty, just hope that you never have to work shifts!
Anonymous said…
Cute pictures I love the one out side in the grass ;-)
Amy said…
You are brilliant with camera! Seriously! And your kids adorable!! -ejamitis from FL
tconlan said…
I love the shot of the boots on the ladder and the Barney Rubble thing cracked me up!!! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!! Thanks for making me laugh!
listgirl said…
Kids in baskets are the cutest. And Barney Rubble, for sure, LOL!