Day 94

I decided I was not going to block the couches today. If I let the boys crawl all over them surely they'd get tired of them, right? Wrong. It would be one thing if they just ran up and down the couch but they want to stand on top of the back of the couch. So the couch blocking continues.

Before the trial run ended I got a few pictures. I will narrate using Ava's nicknames for the boys from yesterday.

Here's Beyonce (Ethan) looking out the window at the snow...

Wait a minute -- did I say snow? It hit 16 C the other day. Could we really have gone back to winter just a few days later? Yup.

Anyway, back to my story. Here's Dee Dee hugging Scarlett...

That dog takes a beating from the kids and she just sits and takes it.

Then we were off to my Mom & Dad's house so Ava could make Easter eggs and have a sleepover.

Ava colouring an egg sitting on a phonebook at the kitchen table. It's moments like this I never would have captured if it weren't for this project.

Dyeing the eggs:

Ava drinking Timmy's tea with Grandad...

Ava playing with the dollhouse that my sister and I played with as kids:

Taken outside through the window as I left. Ava had just made a big blowfish against the glass.

I really find myself wondering if somehow I have gotten my boys mixed up in the past few weeks. Ethan is suddenly the wild one and Owen is the sweet one. Owen is playing with Ava constantly and she doesn't want to play with Ethan because he pulls her hair. Owen is posing for me and I am getting pictures of him left and right and I'm not getting as many of Ethan. Anyway, with that being said I am pretty sure this is DeeDee. ;)

He was playing with the lid on the ball popper toy so I took these pictures as I played peekaboo with him. These are my favourite pictures for today.

We ended up going shopping and decided what to get Ava for her birthday. We are going to have one excited little three year old, that's for sure. More to come on that next week.

I got something for myself while we were out:

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It is so much like my life it isn't even funny.

Wife's name is Jen: check
Couple gets married, gets a dog as an intro to parenthood: check
Couple has two boys and one girl: check
Dog is wild: check (ours is a golden, Marley is a lab. Tomato Tomahto.)
People won't come to visit due to wild dog: quite possibly but they are too polite to say so
Couple purchases grey minivan: check
Wife looks like Jennifer Aniston: I wish.

My Marley who drives me up the wall but I will still end up curled up on the floor with at the end of the movie sobbing uncontrollably:

Thanks for looking!


Debra said…
I was just able to catch up on all I've missed! I think one thing when I read your blog...and it is HOW in the heck do you have any energy left to post anything, let alone many photos, and gorgeous ones at that? Wow!! I'm always loving your days and the many adventures of the kiddos! Your pup is gorgeous!! I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm afraid it will be sad, and I don't do sad very well!
Sheri said…
Wow, great photos today Jen! You guys did get a lot of snow, more than us! That's so great that Ava has the dollhouse that you and Melissa played with as kids!

I love that movie too, even though it made me ball at the end too!
Melissa said…
Gorgeous pics, Jen!

Can't wait to see Ava, DeeDee and Beyonce today!
Karen E. said…
What sweet photos of Owen! He is a charmer. Who can refuse those eyes? Bet Ava had an awesome time with Nana colouring eggs!
Are you guys planning a holiday to go mountain climbing. Think the boys would enjoy that ;)
Shannon said…
I can't believe you got snow! That's crazy. I am so glad we didn't.

Great photos as always. My favourites are also of Owen peeking through the toy.

I can't wait to come visit next weekened.
Erika said…
Isn't it great to have a dog?! ;) Ours is also completly wild sometimes, and hears nothing we say, but she is the best play pal Linus could ever have! And the house gets very empty when she isn't here.
Love the colored eggs, they are so beautiful! Wish I could bring myself to go search for egg dye next week. Unfortunately I'll probably forget it until dinner on Saturday...
Have a great Easter week!
listgirl said…
I love how you document your whole day. The Easter eggs look fabulous. That's so funny you think you might have gotten the twins mixed up. And the bit about the similarities between "Marley & Me" and your life is hilarious!