Day 96

We still have a case of role reversal going on here. Owen continues to be the cuddly, sensitive boy and Ethan is the bully. It's very odd. Anyway, because of a ridiculous snow storm today we didn't have a babysitter and so I worked from home.

I was at the kitchen table on the computer and I looked over to see this:

Take a really close look at the basket. That's Owen's foot sticking out.

Owen put the basket over his head and Ethan pushed him down and covered him with it. Then he stood on top of it and trapped Owen underneath.

Then he took a toy away that Owen was playing with.

Then it was all good and they had a game of peekabo over the chair. Owen would flip the top part of the chair over,

they would have a good laugh

and then Ethan would flip it back over and they'd start all over again.

Thanks to Auntie M, it wasn't hard to keep Ava busy.

Check this out. So Friday there was no snow. Saturday there was a dusting. Sunday it was all gone again. Check the drift on our deck tonight at 7:45 pm. This is in inches.

Ethan looking at the snow:

The street through the window in our front door. I thought it had a snow globe effect to it.

The game of the day. Ava pulled the boys around most of the day but the real fun didn't start until Daddy got home from work and pulled all of them at once.

This picture shows their personalities to a tee. Ava is squealing with happiness, Owen is a risk taker and is having a blast and Ethan although he looks happy was screaming in terror a moment before and wanted off. Okay so this doesn't really capture Ethan's personality then, but two out of three isn't bad.

Thanks for looking!


Debra said…
Cute cute cute!! Love them flipping the top part of the chair and having so much fun with it! I can imagine they had a blast with that!!

I can't believe all that snow! It was 93F here today! Hot, but a nice breeze.
Flohbock said…
so cute... Oh no the snow... I will spring!
Melissa said…
Very cute pics today, Jenny!

I love the ones with the boys and the laundry basket. Owen and Ethan will have a good laugh looking at those when they are older! Okay - maybe Owen won't, but Ethan sure will!
Erika said…
Ouch, even more snow?! Sorry! It looked almost like you had far more spring than us the other day, but not anymore. Sooo hope we don't get that amounts here :S

But your photos are great as always. Love the pic through the round glass, it sure looks like snow globe!

Great that there are stuff they all enjoy, they are so cute in the bucket with daddy pulling them around. =)
tconlan said…
Wow, such a busy day!! Love the pic that was framed with the circle and your kids are so cute and such characters! that stinks about the snow!