Day 97

I don't have much to share today. It was my only day in the office as I worked from home yesterday and Friday is a holiday. I had a pile of running around to do for Ava's birthday party that is on Saturday.

This is my dollar store list. "Screamers" is what Ava calls streamers. She LOVES them.

And my list for the grocery store. I was having a bit of a dilemma because the only thing I know how to cook well for a crowd we served at the boys' party two months ago. So I had to get creative. Anyway, I have it all figured out.

Then I got home and found the babysitter's recap of the day. I was horrified to read two things. 1. Ava - very innocently and not aware of what it meant - gave the babysitter the middle finger today and 2. The Jehovah Witnesses came by and she took their flyer. Damn. Now they will come back and ask for her by name and I will have to pretend I don't speak English and send them on their way. The good news is our wild dog scared them off and they didn't stick around. No offense intended toward the Jehovah Witnesses but I have a hard enough time making it to my own church and am irritated in general by people coming to my door uninvited (family, friends and neighbours excluded of course).

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Love the pics of your lists! Not certain I can handle "screamers" ;)I would love to make something for Saturday. Please let me know what I can bring.
Erika said…
LOL!! Love your comments on the babysitters notes!
Great pictures of your lists too. You have such a nice handwriting! Mine on such lists is totaly unreadable, sometimes even to me. What is streamers? Guess we'll see on Saturdays pics.. =)
listgirl said…
Hey Jennifer! I love your cool handwriting!

I never answer the door when I'm not expecting anyone or any packages.
Flohbock said…
Since you have yet to do! Good luck! Very nice handwriting!