Day 98

And here we go again. Today my camera rolled from 9,999 back over to 1 again. Another 10,000 pictures taken. I have my camera set to continuous so it doesn't reset itself everytime I format the card. For a while there it wasn't working for whatever reason so it kept resetting itself for most of the last year. As a result, I wasn't sure exactly how many shots I have taken with this camera. I don't throw any shots out and I am very good at archiving everything I have ever taken so I did a bit of research checking my external drive and going back to the day I got my camera - March 26th, 2007. And the grand total is? I have taken 40,000 shots with this camera in just over two years. Yes, you read the number of zeros correctly. 40,000. That includes everything - pictures of the kids, commisioned work and weddings I have shot. Unbelievable.

Anyway, here are today's pictures.

Ava and I started the day by wrapping some Easter presents. Big thanks to Janie and Karen for the wrapping paper - Ava loves it. :)

Playing with the wrapping paper tube:

I got a chance to make some thank you cards which I am really behind on. This uses a really cute Stampin' Up set I bought from my sister:

At lunch, Ethan fell asleep mid-chew:

While the boys were sleeping, Ava decided that the dog looked cold

and lonely.

The usual routine following naptime. The crowd forms at the refrigerator:

And that was it for today. There was one moment I didn't capture that I wish I had. My sister came for a visit after school today and Ava was sitting on her lap. Hanging near the couch where they were sitting is an 11x14 of Jason and I on our wedding day. He's of course in his tux and I am in my wedding dress with my tiara. Ava told my sister "my mommy used to be a princess but now she wears pants and a shirt and socks." By far the funniest thing I heard all day and no middle finger so a great day all around.

Erika was asking what streamers were so this ones for you, Erika. :) Streamers are long narrow rolls of crepe paper that you get from party supply stores. They come in every colour imaginable. If you check out my post from the boys' birthday party, you can see them hanging from the ceiling of our living room in the first picture. That post is here. This is what they look like before you use them:

Do you have them where you are? Maybe they go by another name? Thanks for asking!

Oh and Debra - I haven't forgotten about you! I am pretty sure I have found the right mille feuille recipe online. I just have to check with my mom to see if it's the right one. Hopefully I will post it tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!


Debra said…
I love streamers!!! I used them for every birthday party for my boys...I haven't used them in a few years now though...but I need to go buy some more!

Woohoo...can't wait for the recipe!!
Flohbock said…
Happy birthday ... so funny pics!
Melissa said…
Very cute pics, Jen! The ones of Ava looking after Scarlett are adorable!

P.S. You are still a princess in your shirt, socks and pants!
Amy Lightfoot said…
Hey Jenn,
There is actually a program you can download for free that will actually tell you how many times you have pushed your shutter button. You open the last picture you took and all the information is there. I will send you the link in a bit as I am still not awake!
Thanks, everyone! Really Amy?! I had no idea such a program existed. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to check it out!
Sheri said…
Wow Jen, that's a lot of pics! I too would be interested in that program Amy talked about. Unlike you I do delete pics off my card and after I've downloaded them. I take so many duplicates that I just keep the best of the bunch.

Love the bit about Ava calling you a princess in your wedding dress. Alyssa does the same thing when she sees our wedding pics. I'll have to ask her if I am still a princess without my dress on :)
Shannon said…
Awe, that is too funny of Ava! I love the comment. And, it is so sweet that she put Scarlett to bed. What a sweetheart she is.
Erika said…
Aw, cutie Scarlett.. She is really tucked in good, so sweet of Ava! =)

So that is streamers! I don't think we have them here, I've never seen them at least. But they look really good when you've put them up, says 'party' all the way! :)
Susan said…
The pictures of your dog are so sweet. She looks so content and pampered. I'm impressed with 40,000 pictures! That's mega-clicking.
Amy Lightfoot said…
This is the program that I use, actually its a link to be able to download it. You can put in the last photo you took and it will tell you how many times you have pushed your shutter button, and all the other info about that photo.
I have been using it for 6 months now. I just put a photo into it and I have taken 14861 photos since Last February (well pushed the shutter that many times)
Hope this helps
Thanks everyone! Thanks Amy for the link. I am off to check it out!
Oz Girl said…
Awh, I love the photos of Ava wrapping the dog in the blanket, so sweet! :)