Day 121 {stomach flu day 3}

Pictures today were few and far between. Friday was my turn to get the stomach flu. Not fun. Thankfully our babysitter was still willing to come to our house. It was a good thing she did because it allowed me to stay in bed until 4 in the afternoon. I was not in good shape.

Once I got up I got a couple of pictures. Here's Ethan. Still not feeling 100%, drinking his milk and cuddled up in his favourite blanket (thank you Mrs. Hozjan).

I got up just in time to see the same sight I see every week - the wind had once again sucked the Wellington Advertiser off of our porch and all of our flyers were swirling around in our backyard. GREAT. Note to self: get a mailbox already. It's really hard to read the WalMart flyer when it is pinned to the back fence.

And that was it. Thanks for looking!