Day 126 {library night}

Not much to share with you today. It was a pretty boring day around our house. I didn't take any pictures until after dinner and as you can see from the ones I did take, I didn't come up with anything earth shattering.

Wednesday night is our library night. Here are Ava's books packed and loaded up to go back.

Ava's new favourite song by Flo Rida (or Flowreeda as Ava calls them) that we listened to on the way there and the way back:

I have lost 6 lbs and want to lose 9 more so tonight marked my start of power walking with Scarlett. Here's the iPod all set to go with the Lily Allen song that rocks but unfortunately will never make it to the airwaves.

If I lose the 9 lbs, watch for a scale picture. Hell - watch for a freaking billboard announcing it.

In unrelated news:

- The gitch outside of the Queens Tavern has been claimed
- I saw somebody getting arrested while I was on my walk (you can never say that nothing happens in this town!)

And that was my day. Nothing exciting but sometimes that's kind of nice. Thanks for looking!


Flohbock said…
I like reading such a night!
listgirl said…
I love that you have a set day each week to go to the library, how neat is that?! I love new music. I recently discovered Joshua Radin.
Karen E. said…
Great pictures of "nothing" Jen. Now about that gitch. Your mother knew the location, the gitch was VERY white for outside Club Q T, it has now been claimed, and you know that! Hum. I think that I might have a few leads here as to the owner ;)
Way to go on the weight loss. Do you share your plan? Not certain that i could hang on to Scarlett for a walk!
Anonymous said…
That a girl!!! I will have to check out the song. I am tired of my music. I have had nothing new in a long time. I am going to story time at the library this morning. We are axcited ;-)
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Love the library night photos! I'll have to check out that song.
Erika said…
I'll check on that Flo Rida tune, Ava has proven to have excellent taste in music before. =) Probably the Lily Allen song too, I need some new music in the player. Thanks for sharing!

About the weight loss.. we have plans to start running, with our dog Ebba. It sounds like a good idea, cause she is always running anyway, and gets bored with us for not keeping up. But I guess if we start running too she would think we plays with her, and start jumping around us. We'll see how it evolvs. :P
Anonymous said…
Ava has good taste in music! The girls love the song Right Round too!
Congrats on the weight loss! I should join you some night on your power walk if you don't mind the company.