Day 129 {runaway ball}

Today was a boring day. Nothing exciting happened and it rained most of the day. Ava and I were supposed to go to the duck race but didn't get back from running errands in time. We didn't get everything done as fast as I'd hoped as we didn't get out of the house early enough and there was an incident at WalMart I'll mention later. Anyway, as a result, no duck race pictures but here is a picture of Ethan from last year's duck race held May 10, 2008.

And a picture of Ava (no pictures of Owen as he slept through the whole thing).

Instead my sister came over for a visit today and we watched Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler.

Owen stuffing his face with chips. Number of chips I ate? Five. Outstanding.

Ethan teasing Scarlett with a chip after he put the big grease smudge on my lens.

Scarlett begging.

The most interesting (and hilarious by some people's standards - NOT MY OWN) thing that happened today happened at WalMart. Ava and I were there to do some running around and while we were there she spotted a ball that she really wanted me to buy. You know the ball I'm talking about - the really big ones that they have in the centre of the aisle just screaming at kids to buy them? One of those. I told her I'd buy it for her so she picked out a blue one and we put it in the cart. The whole way through the store she was sitting on it in the cart and bouncing around. She was thrilled.

Anyway, on our way out of the WalMart I bought her a happy meal. Everything was good until we stepped outside. A huge gust of wind grabbed the McDonalds napkins and sent them flying everywhere. I was trying to grab them like a crazy person when all of a sudden the wind took the ball. The cashier had put it in one of the biggest shopping bags I have ever seen and when the wind caught it, it acted like a sail. The ball "flewed up" (as Ava would say) out of the cart, out of the bag and was flying through the parking lot.

Just my luck there were no parked cars anywhere nearby to stop it and it was bouncing and rolling along the main road through the parking lot and toward the highway. Ava screamed and started to cry and was very upset so I knew I couldn't just leave it. The problem was the ball wasn't slowing down and it was headed toward the highway.

So I started to run through the parking lot pushing the cart with Ava holding onto her McDonalds for dear life so it wouldn't blow away as we chased the ball. Finally it hit a bounce and rolled to a stop against a fence in the very far back corner of the parking lot. You'd think Ava would have been happy to get her ball back. She was, but the whole way back to the van and for the rest of the day she was questioning me as to what happened to the bag. Where did it go? Can we go back and look for it? I don't think so.

Anyway, that was it. Once again boring, boring, boring. I have to shake things up a bit and get some new ideas. If anybody has any suggestions, please feel free to share.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Sounds like you got your exercise chasing a ball. That is hilarious. I can totally see you running like a wild woman while Ava screams about the ball. Thanks for the giggle!
Sheri said…
Great story about the ball Jen!! I can totally see you running after it!! LOL

Not boring at's your everything life and that's what is worth capturing :) So keep doing it! Because if your life is boring, mine must be EXTRA boring...LOL

Have a Happy Mother's Day! You deserve it!
listgirl said…
I was picturing the whole flying ball incident in my head, and I couldn't stop laughing. Sorry it happened to you, but you gotta admit the sight probably was funny. :)
Flohbock said…
ah so cute.... great story!
Mari said…
Not boring! The story is great and I could just picture the whole thing. The picture of Ethan from last year is adorable!
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
I am just laughing at the "ball" incident. And the fact that she is concerned about the bag. Too funny!
tconlan said…
Your posts are so far from boring! the ball story was hilarious (though I'm not sure at the time!) I really love getting glimpses into other people's lives!
SocRMum1 said…
Oh if only you had snapped pics of the flying ball. LOL Or better yet - of you racing across the parking lot with Ava trying to hang on to her McDonalds. But at least you are her hero - saving that ball probably ratched you WAY up on the cool Mom meter. :)

Thanks for sharing - I love every single picture and every single detail you share with us.