Day 130 {mother's day}

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Today was a great day. I got to sleep in and then it was non-stop until the kids went to bed.

My beautiful present from the kids...

First stop of the day was the McDougall family farm. As usual there was a lot to do and Paul & Christine and the kids were great hosts as usual. Thanks guys! :) After lunch Christine brought Freckles (or Sparkles as Ava calls her) out of the barn.

This is my favourite picture for today. Ava feeding Sparkles a carrot.

It was really cold outside so Ava was wandering around with a fleece blanket over her jacket. Everyone else was going for rides on Sparkles but Ava wasn't having any of it and was hiding in the garage. Just to get her to feed Sparkles the carrot was a huge deal. Anyway, here's Uncle Gerben trying to convince Ava to go for a ride on Sparkles.

Here I am trying to convince Ava to go for a ride on Sparkles. Holy crap. I was on a horse. Roller coasters of any size, no problem. Death defying Extreme Skyflyer ride at Canada's Wonderland, no problem. Walking through urine alley armed with only a camera and Janie to fend off scary transients, piece of cake. Friend and lover of animals great and small, sure, but I prefer to look at horses from the ground on the other side of a fence. That being said, it was pretty cool. (Thanks Gerben for taking this. This is Ethan with me by the way.)

Next stop was the barn to meet the new additions: Laverne & Shirley lol.

Then it was off to my mom & dad's house. We got there just in time to eat some of these. I am not a zucchini fan but put bread crumbs on them and fry them in some oil and I could eat an entire case. Slight fall off the wagon in the diet department today but whatever.

My three little monkeys. (Thanks Dad for taking this and the others below.)

Me with my mom. :)

Me with Ethan.

The girls. Me with my sister, my mom and Ava.

Me with my kids. A very typical picture. The boys are planning their getaway and Ava is being a typical three year old.

Bathtime at Nana's house. This was an important moment for me to capture. I have fond memories of having baths in my grandparents' house when we used to visit them in Montreal when I was very small. That's Ethan at the back and Owen at the front.

The main reason I take so many pictures? I'll tell you why. This picture was taken three years ago on my first Mother's Day. My grandmother was holding Ava and talking to her very animatedly. I ran over and took this picture. Four months later my grandmother passed away suddenly. This is my favourite picture and a constant reminder to me of why you have to capture these moments while you can.

Anyway, that was it. It was a great day. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for making my Mother's Day so special! I too miss my Mom very much, especially on days like today.
I am fortunate to have a loving husband,two beautiful daughters, great son-in-laws, three wonderful grands in my life and you make everyday a special one!!!
Love Mom
listgirl said…
I really loved your photos today. Captured what a terrific family you have. You are absolutely right about capturing the special moments with your camera. You do it so well every single day!
Loved the pictures...I enjoyed reading your blog tonight...

Hope you will stop by and visit me and sign up for my May giveaway.

Later this week, I will be blogging from Disney.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Journaling and HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY! Looks like a day of fun!!
Anonymous said…
Great photos Jen! I love the picture of Ava with the horse, so cute! I'm glad you had a nice mother's day, Sara
Mari said…
Great pictures and journaling too. I love the pig pictures!