Day 133 {the butterfinger}

So today I gave myself a challenge. To get to a milestone of 10 lbs lost. The reward? The Butterfinger below.

While this may look like a regular Butterfinger, I assure you it is not. This is an American Butterfinger. Far better than one you can buy in Canada, I promise you that. My wonderful sister brought it back from Buffalo for me knowing that it is my favourite. Here on the counter it sits until I lose two more pounds. Here's hoping they don't go stale... (Thanks, Mel! xo)

My only other picture was taken today on my way to work. Winter has ended, so construction has begun. I swear this road has been under construction for the past five years. The good news is the kids have been getting up earlier so I have been getting out of the house right when the babysitter arrives, giving me more time to get to work. The bad news is they are going to be up at 6:30 tomorrow morning which makes for a very long day at home with them.

Anyway, that was it. I worked today instead of Friday and am now off until Tuesday thanks to the Victoria Day weekend. Stay tuned for pictures next week as one of the coolest things Guelph has to offer and one of Ava's favourite places begins its seasonal operation.

OH! I forgot. There was something cool that happened today. One of my pictures was featured on Blog Guelph. :)

Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
Hey congrats on your photo being on the Guelph blog! Are you serious? Butterfingers from the US of A is different than a Canadian Butterfinger?
Flohbock said…
Oh ... those endless construction sites, there is also ... That's nervent ...
A great success - and reward a butter fingers. great!
Melissa said…
Sorry for the temptation, Jen, but a Butterfinger is definitely worth it! You've got some serious willpower if you are holding out for it!