Day 134 {a regular day}

Not much happened today. There were a lot of tantrums, a lot of whining and a whole lot of mess.

The boys now insist on feeding themselves which is very interesting and VERY messy. This is Owen.

And here's Ethan with a very animated face that is unlike him. This is an Owen face.

No reward today.

It wouldn't be Thursday if A. it wasn't windy or B. we got our Wellington Advertiser in one piece. Of course I didn't remember about it until I saw one of our flyers fly past the back window. Why they can't put it under the welcome mat or put it in a bag and throw it at the end of the driveway like everyone else I have no idea.

After baths, Ava helped me with the laundry. Her job is to fold the washcloths.

Then after that the kids ripped the curtains on the sliding doors down playing hide and seek and it immediately became bedtime. Anyway, I'm tired and it's been a long day. I love the kids like crazy but I was very happy to see them go to bed.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Hilarious! Hope the mess the boys made wasn't too tough to clean up - at least it was contained! :) They are growing up so fast!

Glad to see that Ava is such a goos help! :)

Hoping to pop by after work for a visit!
Melissa said…
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Melissa said…
Sorry - I should proofread things first! I meant she is a GOOD help, not a goos help! :) Wow - I'm glad it's Friday!
Flohbock said…
Good luck! Have a nice weekend... Great photos!
Erika said…
Oh, eating by one self is fun, obviously. What a happy face! =)
Great of Scarlett and Ava to help you with the laundry!
Mari said…
I love the pictures of the boys!