Day 135 {stupid facebook}

Today was a regular day around our house, although I was a little bit on the bent side this morning. It all started last night. My shows were lined up to tape (Greys Anatomy and Hell's Kitchen) and I had done my nightly photo editing and post. I decided to log into Facebook briefly to see what was happening and saw that a pile of people in my friend list had immediately run to their status to post all kinds of details about the Greys Anatomy finale. I was not impressed because not only had I not watched the show yet, but the night before somebody posted the name of the person who got booted off American Idol in their status two seconds after the show ended. So anyway, my love/hate relationship with Facebook rolls on. Not liking it so much right now.

So after that, I decided I'd better watch my shows before somebody ruined the Hell's Kitchen finale for me and to figure out how good Greys must be if people couldn't stop talking about it. Anyway, it ended up being very good. (That's Ethan on the left hitting Scarlett in the head with a plastic shovel. I didn't realize it was happening until I took this picture. Poor Scarlett.)

Here's Owen with Scarlett.

This is a classic example of why my curtain rod keeps getting bent and crashing to the floor. This is Ethan.

I was getting dinner ready and I saw Ethan sitting quietly running his monster truck against the floor and drinking his bottle.

And here is Owen, my little drama queen.

Two seconds before he bit me.

It was a busy day but a good day. I had a nice walk with the dog a little while ago. It was really nice to smell all of the campfires around town as we walked. I love campfires. The peeing in the bushes not so much.

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
The smell of campfires is so good! Love the pictures of the two boys- the before the bite one is pretty cute too!
tconlan said…
you always get such a great succession of pics! Sweet Scarlett is such a tolerant pup! Love the shot with the bottle and the curtain, beautiful!
listgirl said…
I haven't watched Grey's either, so don't tell me! I don't get on FB too regularly. I think it's really mean of people to post spoilers. Not all of us live in the same time zone.