Day 136 {tantrum}

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Today Ava and I got out of the house to run some errands. We went to Ava's favourite store - WalMart. Number of items sucked out of the cart and thrown to the far corner of the parking lot: 0.

Here's the odometer on the van. The gas station we go to ran out of regular the last time we filled up so we got premium for the regular price. Rumour has it you get better gas mileage with premium. Our conclusion? True. Normally we would get about 600 km to a tank. This is what it was at when the gas light came on. Actually this is it 18 km AFTER the light came on. After all, the light is just a suggestion you should get gas. I know there's still some gas in there somewhere and I also know that the last km coming into town is all downhill so I could coast into the gas station if I had to...

This is Ava and I sitting at a red light on the way home. Not sure what happened to my sweet little two year old but the three year old is really trying my patience. Here we are on our way home with Ava's new bike. She insisted I open her umbrella in the van. I gave in and did it. Then she closed it. This is her screaming and crying for me to stop the van and attach the velcro to hold it closed. Then she was screaming at me to put on Flo Rida. It was at this point I threatened to turn the van around and take the bike back and the Led Zeppelin was cranked to drown her out. Hey, hey what can I do.....

Anyway, it was a pretty uneventful day. Frustrating at times, but that's pretty standard these days. Three kids three and under is definitely not easy.

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6 Responses to “Day 136 {tantrum}”

Karen E. said...

Oh Jen! You are awesome. You can find humor in tantrums! Wow, did the premium gas ever do well in the van. Wish I could say that it lasted that long in my car! Enjoy learning how to ride a bike ;) Hugs

Misola said...

Great picture with your son in the mirror!!

Erika said...

Cool thing, that you got more kilometers out of the premium gas. Here the gas is so expensiv it wouldn't probably add up anyway.

Some days are just harder than other, hu? She'll soon be a little sunshine again. =) Hope she'll enjoy the bike!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

I also looove walmart, the two times I've been to the USA I had to go there several times, just gotta love it! Great photos and wow on the gas thing... I once had that too, but never get that premium cause it's just too expensive!

Oh yeah, I've got a fun little game on my blog this week: 'guess what it is'. Would love it if you played along! :)

listgirl said...

Sometimes I wonder how you do it with three kids under three, plus you work! But, I'm sure it's all worth it. I didn't know that you get more gas mileage with premium gas... does that make it worth it? Hmmm...

Mara said...

A new bike ;-) is it purple? Kids are so funny with tantrums.. It gets to the point where you just laugh when its so frustrating. I pull that one with music too! But she justs gets louder lol. Have a lovely day ;-)