Day 139 {climbing}

When is this phase going to end? Seriously, I am tired of the climbing. Here is Owen before his bath tonight. He was up on the couch trying to pull the blinds down and Ethan was across the room trying to climb over the back of the chair. How long is this supposed to last? Ava wasn't a climber so I don't know these things.

Anyway, that was it for today. I worked today so not a whole lot of opportunities for pictures.

Thanks for looking!


Amy Lightfoot said…
Not to alarm you, but in my house, once a climber always a climber. Its just in their nature. One very positive point is that they aren't jumping off the things they climb yet!!! Thats phase two!! Hang in there, once you get them outside on the cimbers and stuff out there it will be much better.
Oh and personally, I let Bekah climb within reason while I was there watching so that it didn't become a sneaky thing to do. Good Luck Jenn only 17 more years to go!
Karen E. said…
Fabulous picture Jen. So innocent! I tell you, plan your holidays near mountains. The boys can climb all day ;)
Mari said…
It may be tiring you out, but it sure makes a cute picture!