Day 141 {r.i.p. butterfinger}

I'm kickin' ass and takin' names, baby!!! 10 lbs down and 5 to go. No more back fat, no more thigh rubbing and one more pound and the muffin top goes bye bye. The Butterfinger didn't even see it coming. Poor Ava came up to me and asked if she could have some and the answer was no. Actually the answer was "hahahammmno" as my mouth was full at the time. Anyway, it was delicious and well worth the wait. (Thanks, Mel!)

Later in the morning we got more good news. Ethan's ears are finally clear. No specialist appointment or ear tubes needed. At this point anyway.

Ava actually wore a dress all day. That was a fight and a half. Here she is blowing bubbles on the deck. Remember when blowing bubbles didn't involve batteries and a button that did the blowing for you?

The weather was beautiful today so the boys rocked some muscle shirts (that's Owen with the shorts). It was hot today but the little wet spots on their shirts is not sweat. It's drool.

And that was it. Thanks for looking!


Nice photos Jen! I wish I had your will power!
Sheri said…
Great shots, Jen! Wasn't it a beautiful day today! Ava looks super cute in her sundress. Does she not like dresses? Alyssa LOVES to wear a dress...she too wore one today :)
Jennifer said…
Thanks, guys! (Jason R - I just saw the shots you posted today - they are amazing!)

Sheri - Ava actually takes after me when I was little. I HATED dresses. Still not wild about them but I don't hate them. Ava loved dresses last summer until it came time for my sister's wedding. Then she hated them and still hates them. She likes the princess dresses she has but won't put them on if anybody is here visiting because somebody will see her. She's funny that way. Shy like her dad.
listgirl said…
Congrats on reaching 10 lbs lost! That butterfinger never had a chance.
Karen E. said…
Way to go Jen!!!! You are determined and full of energy! Bubbles with a battery, what are you talking about? I thought that they needed wind power only;)
Anonymous said…
Great job Jen! I love the Butterfinger reward and kept it all for yourself. You crack me up, as always.
Erika said…
Congrats!! Great work with the loosing weight. You did very well deserved that butterfinger! =)

The guys looks very cool in their shirts, and Ava is so sweet in her dress. Great photos!
Mari said…
Hooray for the 10 pounds! Cute pictures of the kids.
tconlan said…
Congrats on your 10 lbs! I'm so jealous!! Love those muscle shirts!! great shots today! :)