Day 142 {Ava's abc's}

Today was a pretty good day but not many pictures to share tonight. The morning started off with a grim reminder though. As I drove to work I saw a news van which reminded me that 15 minutes from our house they are searching for the body of a poor little 8 year old girl who was kidnapped while walking home from school and senselessly murdered. It's very upsetting that something like this can happen and even more disturbing that it is so close to our house.

Anyway, while I was at work, Ava worked on her abc's with the babysitter. I was surprised because she has been able to write her name for a while, but I didn't know she could write a through e. Impressive.

The past two nights have been crazy. Last night was by far the worst (as anybody on Facebook saw from my "1 hour and 34 minutes to bed time. 16 years, 8 months, 24 days until all three kids are out of the house." status update. Of course after I posted that I realized that I lived at home until I was 25. Not good.

They will not stop climbing and they keep tag teaming me. Here Ethan hits the dog while Owen climbs up the back of the couch to pull on the blinds. Then Ethan climbs while Owen pulls Ava's hair. It goes on and on and it never ends. Anyway, right around this time my mom came over for a visit. THANK YOU MOM.

That was it. Sounds like we are a go for a garage sale at my mom & dad's house tomorrow, so hopefully it doesn't rain. I guess I need to pull a lemonade stand out of the air, don't I? You can't have a garage sale without a lemonade stand.

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Jen, it is so very disturbing what those people did! I was so hoping they would find her alive and to hear the sad news this week was hard! I can't even begin to imagine what her family is going through!

On a happier note...way to go Ava!! That's awesome she is writing letters!

Yeah I saw your facebook status! I can't imagine what your nighttime routine is like with three kids! Thank goodness for Nana, eh!

Have a great weekend!