Day 146 {evening routine}

I didn't take many pictures today either as it was another work day. Here was our routine tonight. Dinner was over, baths were done and Ava was sitting down watching Cinderella. Ethan is up on the couch about to scale the back and Owen is trying to pull the laptop off the kitchen table (which I was using to get the dirt on Jon & Kate) and I have to think quick and stop them both.

Not exciting, but it's our nightly routine and it's all I have for today.

Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
I've been reading dirt on Jon & Kate everywhere! Wow, I think sometimes you need more hands and feet to cover all your bases with your kids! :)
Karen E. said…
Owen whats to know what is going on with Jon and kate as well!! Nothing misses the eyes and hands of your children!
Side by Side said…
I have been so reading the dirt on KON as well. It's like watching a wreck I can't look away!