Day 152 {rainy day}

Today was pretty uneventful. The weather was dismal and the drives to work continue to be depressing with police vehicles everywhere as they continue to look for that poor little girl's body.

I didn't have much of a chance to take pictures today so I didn't take these until after dinner tonight. Here's Ethan drinking his bottle before bed while he looks out the window.

This picture is terrible but this is the new game. The boys climb onto the Ikea basket and throw themselves over the arm of the couch. Here's Owen using his head to push Ethan over. Two seconds earlier he grabbed his feet and shoved him over. They are already working together as a team. This can't be a good thing.

Here was the best part of the day today. Have you seen the teaser trailer for New Moon? Here it is:

Don't let anybody tell you any differently, but Twilight was a terrible movie. One of the worst I have seen. But the books are amazing. Here's hoping they don't screw up New Moon. Oh and boooooooo Jacob. Team Edward all the way baby.

That was it. Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
I hadn't heard about the missing little girl. I'm sad about that.

Wow, your twins working together. I assume that could only get scarier.
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Sounds like double trouble!

I won't tell my oldest daughter you dissed the "Twilight" movie, I think she has it memorized! ;)
Shannon said…
Hmmm, it looks like it might be terrible like the first one. Although, that probably won't stop me from going.
Flohbock said…
so cute photo... I like Twilight!
Mari said…
What funny kids - you are in trouble!
Sheri said…
I think I need to read the books now! The problem will be finding the time to read them :)