Day 153 {matching pajamas}

Today was a good day but I didn't take many pictures. Here are the pictures I took.

Dessert - my favourite.

What is this?! My sons are playing together nicely. No hitting and nobody is crying. Wow. I could get used to this. (That's Owen on the left and Ethan on the right.)

Chasing down the balls from the ball popper (that's Owen in front in the first picture and Ethan is in the second picture):

And that was it. Other than that, not much going on here. Still working on losing that last pound. It's not going anywhere, so the dog and I have stepped it up. Last night we -- get ready for it -- jogged. Not far but we actually broke into a run. I thought I was going to die. I realized that there is a reason why I was always the kid who jumped the fence and hid in the bushes when we had to run the block in high school - I am not a runner.

Not sure what made me do it. Maybe it's the fact that the last pound isn't going anywhere. Maybe it's the fact that we've been walking pretty fast and I no longer feel the burn in my legs so maybe I am slowly getting in shape. Maybe it's because last week when I forgot my cell phone on my desk at work and had to zip back to the office to get it, I was able to run from the reception desk to my desk without breaking a sweat. Whatever the case we went for it.

The dog looked at me like "what the --"? but she went with it and although she was at the very end of the leash and dragged a bit, she did very well. Tonight we did it again and we were able to run a little bit further (Like 10 steps further. Let's not go crazy here.). We'll try it again tomorrow night and we will stick with the plan: running after dark so nobody sees us. It's hard to look cool when you are panting like your lungs are going to explode and you are carrying a full baggie from the dog.

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
That dessert looks so yummy! Great to see the boys are playing together. More of this will come :) Go for it. That last pound is pushing you ;)
Mari said…
Those are all great pictures - happy shots!
tconlan said…
You're going to lose it soon! Especially with the extra calories burned from carrying a heavy bag of dog poo! Love the fruit pic and the pics of your boys are so sweet - great cropping!