Day 156 {hippopotamus}

Friday, 5 June 2009

Ava apparently had a great time with her toys today while I was at work. I found four dolls "sleeping" in the linen cupboard when I got towels for the kids' baths.

Three more were asleep in her bed.

Meet Hippopotamus. He may look like a regular old teddy bear, but from the moment Ava started to talk, his name has been Hippopotamus. No idea why - it just is. It's her favourite toy.

That was it. Man the past two days have been boring. I've been on the run so I haven't had as much time to take pictures. I think Ava and I will be baking tomorrow so there will be some opportunity there. Thanks for looking!

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6 Responses to “Day 156 {hippopotamus}”

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Well she was pretty busy...I do like her choice of the linen closet as a bed. And love the name of the bear!

listgirl said...

Heh, love the "sleeping" dolls and stuffed animals everywhere.

tconlan said...

OH my goodness that photo is sweet!! Hippopotamus, tooo cute!! Great shot!

Melissa said...

What a funny kid she is - never ceases to amaze me! Love the pic of her with Hippopotamus!

Susan said...

These are so precious and the bottom one of her with the bear should be enlarged--it is gorgeous. I think the closet was a good choice for the dolls' beds.

Mari said...

That picture of Ava is adorable!