Day 161 {the caterpillar}

Today was a good day. Everyone had their moments but overall were pretty well behaved. We were out of the house early to watch my dad ride the big bike for Heart & Stroke (here he is waving to the kids).

The bike left from the nursing home my grandmother lives in so I tried to take the kids in to see her afterward. Ava picked a flower for her.

Unfortunately she was still in bed so we let her sleep.

After a quick run through the Tim Hortons drive thru we went back home. Ava wouldn't let me shut the van off until Flo Rida was over so we sat there and danced in our seats. Ethan was really shakin' it.

On our way into the house we found a caterpillar.

Grandad came over for a visit and to watch the boys while I took Ava to storytime at the library. Here is Ava drinking "belly wash" (tea) with her grandad.

My dad and Owen.

The Scarlett McDougall Fan Club met briefly.

Ava picked some forget-me-nots on the way home from storytime.

And Owen watched Daddy cut the grass when he got home from work (thanks Melissa for taking this picture).

That was about it. The scale didn't move once again despite me working my tail off so if it doesn't move tomorrow AM, stay tuned for pictures of me driving over it repeatedly with my mini van.

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
My favourite picture is that of Ava watching the caterpillar. Too bad that your grandmother was sleeping. That scale will move and it will drop several notices I bet!
Mari said…
I love that caterpillar shot!
Karen E. said…
Jen, I am rereading what i posted, DUH! That should be notches!