Day 162 {three monkeys}

Today was actually a pretty good day. It started like they all do - the boys stayed in their pajamas for breakfast and ended up wearing most of their food. The pajamas come off and then you have to catch them to dress them. Easier said than done.

During the clean up Owen makes a break for his high chair. The new trick? When the tray is off he can scales it and pulls the picture frames off the wall.

10:15ish. Owen has been caught and dressed. Ethan is still on the run.

This one

teaches the boys to use the riding car as a step ladder to vault the back of the couch.

Later on in the day, the one on the right (Owen) smashed my picture frame with my grandparents' picture in it. Then at dinner, the one on the left (Ethan) threw rice from his high chair like he was a guest at a wedding.

And all in all, the ring leader below was actually pretty good today.

In other news, the scale gets to live to see another day. It dropped by two pounds today. Unfortunately after a rough weekend I am three pounds away from my goal weight instead of just one.

Thanks for looking!


Rochelle said…
WOW, I am consistently amazed by your patience. You are an awesome mom. And you did a PBP today, right? Anyway, just wanted to say that those pictures of Ava are just stunning. Great job :-)
Debra said…
Fabulous and fun photos as always! I love your sense of humor with it all...and how you capture all their energy and sweetness!
listgirl said…
Well, Ava looks really cute, even if she's the ringleader, LOL. You're doing so well with our weight loss. I will start next week again. It was impossible to lose weight during a remodel.
Mari said…
Yay for a 2 pound drop! Adorable shot of the ring leader!
tconlan said…
the photos of your daughter are gorgeous! The boys are such characters!! Hang in there with your weight loss, you'll get there!
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Don't you just love it when the scale works with you instead of against you? ;)

And I am laughing about the dressing business. My youngest used to go "belly" (just the diaper) at home from when she was about 14 months old until she was a little over 2 years old. Saved a lot of laundry for me!