Day 167 {tag team}

Today was a good day. I got to go out for lunch with a supplier and we sat outside on the patio (of course I forgot my camera). It was beautiful outside and I got to work on my tan. The good news is my arms are a nice brown colour. The bad news is my legs are as white as Edward Cullen's.

When I got home I still hadn't taken any pictures so I asked our babysitter Vicki if I could take a picture of her with the kids (and her beautiful daughter M). The kids love Vicki and she is a fantastic babysitter. Hats off to somebody who can watch four kids three and under and has the guts and energy to take them A. outside of the house and B. to public places like the park and the library. Thanks, Vicki!

That's Ethan in blue.

Things were actually going well tonight. Everyone was behaving. Ava even came up with new nicknames for the boys (Ethan is Willie and Owen is Pantsy Pants). Bathtime went by without incident and I thought I had gotten off easy. I was wrong. Ava had a potty training disaster. After she was cleaned up I had to clean the bathroom. I was cleaning the bathroom when Ava told me that Willie was on the table.

Five seconds later Owen was standing on the sub woofer for the stereo pulling at our wedding picture on the wall. I tried to distract them by asking them if they wanted a bottle. It worked but when I tried to pour a bag of milk into the container I spilled milk all over the floor. Here's Pantsy Pants watching me clean it up. The whole time he kept saying "uh oh".

That was my day and thus begins two full days at home. Two full, very LOOOOOOONG days at home. On the bright side my truck is now finally fixed so I no longer have to drive the gas guzzling van to work. Hooray. Thanks for looking!


Flohbock said…
Oh ... Vicki is there really a Pearl
! Since you have great luck!
tconlan said…
Love the table pic and your little guy looking under the gate!!! great pics, busy day!!!!! :)
Mari said…
I loved todays pictures and the stories that went with them. Busy kids!
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Yep, kids keep you hopping! The photo of him peeking under the gate is great!