Day 168 {village person}

Today was a good day. Ava had storytime at the library. The first week she sat in my lap and I was the only parent in the room. Today was week five. Now when we go she tells me to go look at books while I wait. I actually got to sit at a table for a full half an hour and read an issue of People from cover to cover. I didn't have to pull anybody off the table and nobody was scaling the bookcases trying to rip pictures off the wall as the boys were at home. It was the equivalent of a week in Jamaica for me.

Ava got a treat for being good. She's a tea drinker just like me. Here she is with her steeped tea with double milk, double sugar. She also got Timbits. I did not. I woke up within one pound of my goal weight again and I'm not blowing it this time.

In the spring my dad brought these construction hats home for the boys from a garden show he went to with my mom (as you can see the boys have since destroyed them, unfortunately). Ethan ran around for a while this afternoon looking like a pint sized member of the Village People.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
What a cute village person!