Day 169 {mission accomplished}

Well, I did it! I hit my goal weight this morning when I weighed myself. 15 pounds lost in two months and 52 pounds lost since I gave birth to the twins 16 months ago. I celebrated by pulling out my old favourite jeans from my closet. They fit perfectly but I don't think they are still in fashion (they are the painter style with the loop on the one leg). I wore them anyway. Then when I went for my walk this afternoon I went to tuck my iPod in the pocket and realized wait a minute - these jeans are only five years old, but I bought them before the invention of the iPod. When I discovered that, they might as well have been acid washed jeans. I think they may end up back in my closet until they come back in fashion unfortunately.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who played a part in my weight loss. To my walking partner who has let me drag her all around town and needs to rest a little bit longer every time we get back.

To my sons for not giving me a moment's rest and staying one step ahead of me since they started crawling 9 months ago.

To my daughter for reminding me how fun it is to dance.

To the cashier at WalMart who put Ava's new ball in the largest bag she could find only to have the wind send us on a sprint all the way across the parking lot to catch it.

To my friend Carrie for not once cheating on her diet and being a good influence on me every day I am at work.

To my friend Janie for getting me off my butt at lunch and walking around outside taking pictures.

To the scary transient who startled me in the stairwell at the train station and sent me running up these stairs as fast as my legs could carry me.

I think that's it. Other than singing and dancing on the scale this morning, not much happened today. Other randoms from today included the boys playing with an empty diaper box (thanks for the diapers Aunt Karen!):

And an interesting conversation between Ava and her Auntie M. This is a terrible picture but I had to capture it. Ava was telling M how old she is and then M asked her to guess how old she was. Ava decided that M must be four years old since she is at school (my sister is a teacher). Then they discussed how Mommy isn't in school anymore so she must be REALLY old. Ava decided I must be seven years old then. :)

So it was a pretty good day. A day with an achievement I never thought I would reach. Who am I kidding - it was a great day. Thanks for looking!


tconlan said…
WAAAHOOOOOOOOOO for you!!! I was so excited to read your news today!! You should be so proud of yourself!

Loved this post!
Melanie said…
YAHOOO! Congratulation Jen. Wonderful achievement.
Rochelle said…
Great job Jen!! That's really inspirational! And I loved the post too :-)
SocRMum1 said…
Yahoooooo!!! Way to go, Jen!!!

And those pics of Scarlett taking her rest...too adorable!
Karen E. said…
Way to go Jen!!! :) Go ahead, wear those favourite jeans. Who cares if they are old and not in style, they fit you!!
Linnea W said…
Congratulations on reaching your goal! It's nice how you thanked all those who played a part, too. Your photos are brilliant! Thanks for visiting my Skywatch shot...
Mari said…
Hooray for you - and all the help you had!
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Can I have a Woot Woot!!!

Excellent - and congrats to all your helpers as well.

And there is no greater toy than an empty cardboard box.