Day 170 {patio weather}

Today was a great day. Apparently it was supposed to rain but it ended up being a gorgeous day. Janie, Carrie and I escaped the office and spent another lunch hour sitting on a patio in the sunshine. It was awesome. It's so nice that our slow time at work is over the summer because we rarely get out the rest of the year.

Here's Janie giving me the "time is money" gesture as we headed back to the office. I wish somebody had gotten a picture of me when the people beside us got their lunch. There are few words in the English language more beautiful than "all day breakfast". Words that I did not see printed in my menu or hear come out of our waitresses mouth. So a picture of my gaping, salivating mouth would have been a good one. Or me sulking as I ate my salad made from spinach and grass clippings and glaring at the next table out of the corner of my eye.

My "I-could-never-be-this-weight-again-so-get-a-picture-of-it-stat" fifteen pounds lost but going for five more progress picture. Thanks, Janie!

That was it. It was such a beautiful day and a fun one. Tomorrow is my first wedding of the year so let's hope the rain holds off. Thanks for looking!


Flohbock said…
Oh ... like lunch ... We go to such a beautiful weather like out there in ach of our lunch break .... Since the recovery is much better ... Unfortunately, I then work harder back then: o)
what Great!!
Mari said…
You look great! Way to go!
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Your feet look so relaxed! LOL

And congrats on the weight loss - you look fantastic!