Day 171 {first wedding of the year}

Today was a great day. My dad and I spent the day shooting a wedding. It was a miserable day until the ceremony was about to end and then the sun came out just in time for the group pictures, thank goodness.

Of all of the weddings we do, you can't beat a beautiful old Catholic church.

The traditional cans dragging behind the wedding party vehicle. I think some cans were lost along the way...

One of the hardest things about doing wedding photography is the guests. Whether you have a wedding with 50 guests or 250 guests, you have a crowd of guests with cameras who follow you every. where. you. go. You set up a shot, and before you can raise your camera, they are calling out to various members of the wedding party to look and are snapping away. Wherever you are standing, they are right behind you. In fact I've tripped over quite a few of them they stand that close.

The way we get around it is often we'll let the guests shoot the setup first and then we will take the shot. That way everyone is looking at us. It seems to work pretty well.

When I saw this I laughed my head off. Somehow Dad managed to shake the crowd and grab this shot from the far side of the bridge and he didn't have to swim across the fountain to do it. :)

It was a long day but a good day. Congratulations M and P!

Thanks for looking!


Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Ohh, I love the shot of the bride's shoes! And the last shot is lovely as well...I'm sure they will be pleased!

Pesky wedding guests!
Flohbock said…
wow wonderful weddingpicute! great memory!
Mari said…
Wonderful pictures! You did good in spite of the weather!
listgirl said…
I had no idea that you shoot weddings too! Wow! Great photos and I would be so annoyed at guests with cameras all the time!