Day 173 {sunset}

Even though we were on vacation today, I didn't take any pictures. It was very hot outside so we hid in the house with the air conditioning on. Stupid me went out and lay in the sun for an hour while the boys slept and I am paying for it tonight as I am burnt to a crisp. The boys were about to go to bed and I realized I hadn't taken any pictures yet so I had to get to work.

I remembered last week when I posted the pictures of Ava and I with our nails painted that we aren't the only ones who have worn nail polish in this house. For the first few months after the boys were born, we painted one of Ethan's big toes blue. At first it was because we were paranoid we'd mix the boys up and then we did it so other people could tell them apart if they had to babysit. So now Ethan wears blue clothing most of the time, but there was a time when he wore Cover Girl 573:

Tonight Ava and I headed to the end of the street to take a picture of the beautiful sunset. We're lucky - we have a farmer's field at the end of our street so pictures like this are possible:

Ava (in her pajamas) picking flowers from the long grass at the end of the street. They were wild so I let her pick them but I think I need to have a chat with her. Yesterday she picked a flower off of one of grandma's plants so it's time for a little talk.

You'd think from this picture that she picked them for me. Nope. She picked them for her daddy.

One more picture for the day: my clematis is in full bloom.

That was it. It was a pretty good day. A hot one but the last thing I am going to do is complain as we have air conditioning and are very lucky to have it. Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Wow, the sunset is stunning! Unfortunately for me we have a football field with lights in the sunset direction, so no good spontaneous pictures. But I'll have to plan a sunset photo soon, it is so beautiful.
Flohbock said…
Stunning sunset! Great color!
Mari said…
What a beautiful sunset! I love the picture of Ava with the flowers too!