Day 174 {jarret & sara's house}

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Today was pretty uneventful. After dinner we went for a walk to see the kids' Uncle Jarret and Aunt Sara. They are doing renovations on their house so the kids thought that was pretty interesting to sit and watch. I have no doubt the boys would be up there too if they were let out of the stroller. Needless to say they were not.

Ava got to play with Jarret and Sara's cat, Monte. Surprisingly he was okay with being pushed around like a baby.

That was it. A pretty quiet day. It's been hard to do much outside with it being so hot (not that I am complaining). Thanks for looking!

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5 Responses to “Day 174 {jarret & sara's house}”

Karen E. said...

I think that the boys have seen their calling! Unlce Jarret could use the help now ;)
What a patient kitty cat! Ava must have had a blast. Monte looks so conten in your last photo.

Mari said...

I love the way the boys are looking at the house!

Flohbock said...

I like the picture with the cat in a stroller!

Anonymous said...

haha those pictures are awesome...that cat is hilarious, I still can't believe he sat in the stroller and let Ava push him around :) Sara

Erika said...

What a cool looking cat! With the spot on his nose, and the big fur. And funny that he was okay with the playing too. =)