Day 175 {evening visit}

Today was Ava's last day at Story Hour. She had to take something special to show the group so she took "Puppy" which is one of her favourite toys that was given to her by her cousin Lucas.

She had a meltdown when we got there because she didn't want anybody to see her. It lasted until she realized that the other kids had cool stuff for her to look at. At first she wouldn't sit on the story mat but as the time went on she was front and centre so she wouldn't miss anything. In six weeks she has really come a long way.

Afterward Nana took us out for lunch.

After dinner we went for a walk to visit the kids' friend R. They had a great time exploring his backyard and playing with anything and everything they could find.

Owen got a drink.

Ethan went straight for the source,

and Ava crashed the big wheel while Ethan was on it.

And R just watched the three of them take over his yard and his toys wondering what was going on.

On the way home the two children who fed their dinner to the dog - Ethan and Ava - were now hungry and shared a bag of crackers.

That was it. Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Great photo of Ava and Puppy!

Looks like summer has really come to you too, so nice for the kids to roam the garden and play with the water. This week has been warm here and I enjoy every moment!
Stacey said…
Fantastic pics - I love the one of R staring at the loss of his backyard, LOL.
Susan said…
I'm glad she ended up enjoying story time. Great pictures of your usual busy and always intersting day.
Great job with all the fantastic photographs Jen! I don't know how you do it will all the distractions in your life. Plus you have time to visit your family a lot.
You a wonderful inspiration in my life. Thanks for motivating me Jen.
Great Blog!