Day 176 {r.i.p. Michael Jackson}

So the big time crazy stuff that happened in this house today came from the tv. I cannot believe that Michael Jackson is gone. Although not a fan in recent years mainly because I couldn't get past all of the child molestation allegations, I was a big fan back in the day. I remember my dad bringing home the Thriller album, I remember hiding out on my grandparents' basement stairs watching the Thriller video with my hands over my face while my uncles watched it and I remember the day his hair caught on fire filming the Pepsi commercial. He was larger than life at that time. It's a shame. (Oh and Farrah Fawcett died today. It's sad but it doesn't mean much to me as she was on Charlie's Angels before I was born and I have never seen an episode.)

Anyway here was our day. It started out with "moon sand". Ava got it for Christmas (thank you Great Grandma & Great Grandpa!). I wasn't so sure about it but it was fantastic. It made a mess but it was so easy to clean up. It swept up perfectly and brushed off of clothes easily. It was a million times better than playdoh because it didn't stick to anything. Thank god because she got it everywhere:

When it's time to do laundry in our house, we throw it over the upstairs railing. Here's Ethan trying to throw it back up.

Then I saw the big news about Michael Jackson. Dora was immediately turned to CNN and the troops were NOT impressed. They quickly got over it thank goodness. Here's Ava and I watching the coverage on CNN.

While we were watching, I heard Owen start to scream and cry. Poor Owen. Ethan was sitting on him and poking him with a toy.

The big news came in about 6:30 ish - a full hour after TMZ reported it.

My parents came for a visit and we of course watched CNN the whole time. This is nothing new as my dad always watches CNN when he comes over but the big difference was this time we were all glued to it. Here's Ava saying goodbye to them.

And that was it. It sure didn't start off as an exciting day, but it sure ended as one. As I type this, I have CNN going in the background. Time to unglue myself from it and go for my walk and bike ride. I am on a mission to lose another five pounds so it's time to get my butt in gear again. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
It is a sad day. I'm watching late night coverage right now.
Tara said…
hey I am glad to hear about the moon sand, I was sent a recipe for it and didn't know much about it ....... ........ here is another site if Ava takes up drawing :) ....... ...... your blog is so enjoyable and yes very sad about all of the celebrity deaths :(
thanks Jen :):)
Thanks for the links, Tara! I can't believe the moon sand is that easy to make! I am going to try it out as we need play sand anyway for the kids' sandbox. Ava will love the how-to drawing instructions as the dragon looks like the one from Dragon Tales. Thanks! You are the best. :)
SocRMum1 said…
I have to agree, Jen - it was shocking news. And I know you'll be even more shocked to learn that I first heard about it on FL. Stunning, right?

You are such a gutsy Mom...the moon sand looks like messy fun. LOL

And I've been meaning to ask...but don't you and Stefano have the same curtains?