Day 177 {tramapoline!}

Well when I got to work this morning I realized that I had lost five pounds but not the five I was expecting. I forgot my purse at home. Not a good thing when it's the end of the month and the police have to meet their quota for speeders. So no problem - I'd go the speed limit. Who am I kidding - I'd go the speed limit + the 10-15 km I could most likely get away with. Anyway, for some reason the always reliable car took a few seconds to start when I went out to run and errand and I thought I was going to have problems. Luckily I didn't because no purse = no cell phone and no CAA card. Anyway, the day went to hell from there but got a bit better by the end.

The picture I wish somebody had gotten: me almost falling off my chair at work when Jason called and told me that the $800 repair we just did on our RAV-4 didn't work and told me how much it is going to cost to fix the real problem.

Anyway, the one shot on my hit list for today was a picture of the paper. Geesh Globe & Mail - is that the best you can do? ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BORING.

Now this is a little more like it. I am sure the Toronto Sun headline was more of an attention grabber and the best of all three, but I couldn't find a copy. I imagine it went something like "MICHAEL JACKSON DIES! BUBBLES THE CHIMP TO INHERIT MILLIONS!!! Scantily clad Sunshine Girl with an IQ of Paris Hilton on page 4."

Anyway, after work I came home to discover we have - in the words of the very wise Homer Simpson - A TRAMAPOLINE!!!!! Jason finally assembled the trampoline we bought (along with Grandma & Grandpa) for Ava's birthday. The kids were wild too so it was a perfect way for them to burn off some energy.

We were proven wrong this afternoon. The daredevil (Owen) didn't like the trampoline at all and the more cautious one (Ethan) loved it. Here's Ethan playing. He kept running from side to side, then Ava would jump and he'd fall over and laugh his head off. Every time Owen got bumped or lost his balance he cried.

After the boys went to bed, Ava and I went back out to play. I discovered I no longer have the moves I used to have and quite possibly won't be able to move at all tomorrow.

Daddy showing Ava his tricks.

That was it. It wasn't a very good day but playing on the trampoline with Ava as the sun went down made it all better. I can still hear her squealing and laughing. Tomorrow we are off to Canada's Wonderland for the day. Ride on the top of the list for tomorrow? Behemoth. Thanks for looking!


tconlan said…
LOVE these pics! (the trampoline, not the sorry headline! I agree, they should have done much better!) You have such a great way of getting interesting perspectives! Have fun tomorrow!!
Glad to see you got on the trampoline with your camera and nothing happened. Glad to see you got on the trampoline.
Have fun today at wonderland. It's my favorite park wish I was there with you all :O) I like to ride the roller coasters. Great photos!
Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures, Jen! Can't wait to see the ones from Wonderland!