day 178 {canada's wonderland}

Yesterday was a great day. Jason, Ava and I went to Canada's Wonderland with Ava's Uncle Jarret & Aunt Sara. The weather was gorgeous. It was hot but not humid and there was a nice breeze blowing which cooled it off nicely if you found some shade to stand in.

Here was our parking area.

I laughed my head off because I immediately thought of one of my favourite movies:

We were about the same distance from the entrance. The difference of course was we were nowhere near the first people there as evidenced by the 45 minutes we sat on Major MacKenzie Dr. and Jane St. waiting to enter the parking lot. We also did not park this far out by choice. Oh and of course the other major difference was the park was actually open. :)

Here's the front entrance:

Standing just inside the entrance with Wonder Mountain in the background. Thanks Sara for taking this! :) Just to the left of us you could get your picture taken with Scooby Doo. Ava was not having any of that because she was shy and would later turn down chances to have her picture with Dora and Diego too. Maybe next time when she's four she said.

I think they've had these hand stamps since I was a kid:

First ride of the day? The Hanna-Barbera-Go-Round. Check this out. Here's Ava, Sara and I on the ride...

then rewind 25 years to my first trip to Wonderland on the exact same ride. That's me with my mom and that's my sister on the train.

Other than Sara and I going on the Time Warp flying coaster, we stuck to KidZville. It's just as well because the roller coaster lineups were huge. Here's Ava on Jokey's Jalopies. These antique cars were also around when I went to Canada's Wonderland for the first time.

Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher. I was okay on this one. A little while after this we went on the equivalent of the tea cups called the Flavorator. There isn't a roller coaster I won't go on but I'm not a fan of spinning in circles. Add in a small case of sun stroke and the Flavorator almost finished me off.

Ava's favourite ride - the Chopper Chase helicopter monorail:

Here's the ride we wanted to go on: Behemoth. The lineup was ridiculous. The wait from the back of the line was two hours. Needless to say we didn't wait. So my favourite rollercoaster remains Superman: The Ride of Steel at Six Flags Darien Lake. From what I hear it is comparable to Behemoth. Huge hills, incredible speed and a thrilling ride despite not having any loops.

The Antique Carousel:

Random shots of Ava in KidZville. These are my favourite shots of the day:

That was it. It was a great day and a lot of fun. Thanks, Jarret and Sara for a fantastic time! And big thanks to Sara's mom for getting us tickets. Regular price of admission for the 2009 season: $46.69 per person. We paid $10 each and $28 for Ava. Price of a general admission ticket when the park opened in 1981? $9.95 and $9.25 for a child admission.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Looks like you guys had a blast! Next time you are going let us know. I am sure my girls would LOVE to go as well. We have been talking about it forever.
Rochelle said…
Sounds like so much fun!! And that is a great movie. One of the best, and I love that scene. There are so many great lines. I'm laughing just thinking about it! Great pictures too. Love the Ava ones in Kid Zone.
listgirl said…
Wow Jennifer, I love how vibrant these photos were! I can't believe you have the same basic photo with the same colors on the same ride from 25 years ago! That is totally awesome. That park really looked like fun. I love Scooby Doo.
Anonymous said…
I love the old picture of you. Thats so special ;-)