day 181 {cloudy & wet day}

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Today was another miserable day outside. It was another work day for me too so the pictures were few and far between. Afraid I wouldn't find anything to take a picture of I snapped this one on my way home. The sky was pretty cool looking.

The sippy cup battle continues. The second the boys hear the word "milk" they go running for the fridge. The second they see it's in a sippy cup they either walk away in disgust without taking it or they immediately drop it and run away crying.

That was about it. A pretty uneventful day. Thanks for looking!

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5 Responses to “day 181 {cloudy & wet day}”

Flohbock said...

wow... great clouds!

~Susie~ said...

I would change weather with you instantly!! We have it so hi here right now, I tink I'm melting away...
Lovely photos!

Stacey said...

It has rained and stormed here ALL day! Love your pics!

Side by Side said...

You might need to try different sippy cups. I think the ones with straws helped us turn the corner.
It took a while for my girls to make the transition too.

Just keep trying it...they won't go to kindy with a bottle. lol

Mari said...

I love that sky picture and the sippy cup picture pretty much sums things up in that department!