A whole pile of layouts

Well it took me a while to figure out what week I am on for project 365. I have been taking my pictures every day but I have fallen really behind on my weekly layouts. I have decided that if I am going to get caught up, I am going to have to scraplift myself. Remember this layout? I started with it and ended up with the one below. I am not totally wild about it and I like the original more, but I am moving on. That's one of the toughest things I had to learn about scrapbooking - you need to know when to move onto the next layout. If you fiddle for too long and strive too hard for perfection, you'll drive yourself crazy.

Week 23

available at {we are} storytellers:
Forecast-Mega Kit by Emily Merritt
Also uses various add ons from the Life 365 kit from Weeds & Wildflowers
Font is AmerType BT Md

Mother's Day

available at {we are} storytellers:
Tortuga Template No. 84 by Kellie Mize
Nesting Instinct by Kellie Mize
Century Gothic font

Project 365

available at {we are} storytellers:
Snap Mini Kit by Kathryn Wilson
Title It Vol. 1 by Kathryn Wilson
{STORYTELLER ESSENTIALS} Basically by Kathryn Wilson
Art on Your Sleeve by Kathryn Wilson
Storytime Spreads Vol 2 by
beAUDacious designs
Another Typewriter font

Looking for a Strike

Template: Freebie #21 by Chrissy W from Elemental Scraps
Kit: Bowl-A-Rama by Dani Mogstad from Sweet Shoppe Designs
Paper: {STORYTELLER ESSENTIALS} v.1 Bundle from {we ar} storytellers
Alphabet: Red Card Alpha freebie by Misty Cato
Font: DJB HEIDI script by Darcy Baldwin from Sweet Shoppe Designs

Just be Yourself

This layout reminds me of one of my favourite songs.

available at {we are} storytellers:
Express Yourself Papers by beAUDacious designs
Express Yourself Quotes by beAUDacious designs
Thumbprint Birdies by beAUDacious designs
Lowdown Birdy Font by beAUDacious designs
Template from the Photo a Day set by Chrissy W from Elemental Scraps

Fun on the Farm

available at {we are} storytellers:
Clementina's Closet No. 2 by Quirky Twerp
Clementina's Closet Embellishments by Quirky Twerp
Clementina's Closet Solid Alphabet by Quirky Twerp
Tortuga Template No. 132 by Kellie Mize
Century Gothic font

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Nice job! I'm impressed with you getting one done a week. I'm so far behind it isn't funny!
Rochelle said…
Wow! Great layouts Jen! I get my 12x12's printed, and I was wondering if you do the same?
Karen E. said…
Jen, either your creative juices were running this weekend ore you had all three children napping for the whole day. Love your layouts. what treasures your family will have.
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Thanks everyone!

Mari - don't be too impressed. I haven't done a weekly layout since week 17 and even then I have a sneaking suspicion I missed a week before that somewhere.

Hey Rochelle! I have yet to have anybody print layouts for me. I have been printing them myself as 8x8 on my own computer. When I am done my 365 I will have them printed into a book. Do you know of any cheap online places to get layouts done?

Karen - I did the Be Yourself one Friday and yesterday and the Week 23 one today. The other ones have been done over the past couple of weeks. I just forgot to post them. :)

Thanks, Jason! I really appreciate it. I always love checking out your blog. Speaking of which I am off to do that right now! Hope you had a great weekend. Please say hi to Mel for me. :)
I haven't looked at your blog for a couple of days and then I looked tonight. WOW you have lots to look at now. Everything is great.
It looks like you have been busy and up late working on your blog.
Fantastic job Jen!
Jason Roberts
Sheri said…
As always, great job on the layouts! Good advice about not stressing over each layout, although I know it's hard not to do :) I still do it sometimes!

I saw your question about printing layouts. I have been using Costco. Some layouts look great, while others look too dark, it's really hit and miss with them. But locally it's really the only place that prints 12x12. I am hoping to find a cheap online one too! I've heard that for books, Shutterfly is really good. So I may consider them for my 365 book at the end of the year.
listgirl said…
Sometimes I have scrapper's fear of failure in that I want all my layouts to be perfect, instead of just doing it. Thanks for the reminder.