day 185 {picking strawberries}

Today was such a beautiful day so Ava and I decided to go strawberry picking. It was hard to get good pictures because it was so sunny not to mention how mad I was when I got home and discovered that I had once again forgotten to wipe the smudge off of my lens. Grrr. Oh well, what can you do?

Ava was an excellent helper. She didn't even eat any berries until I told her to. She's a lot more helpful than my sister and I were at that age. We just sat in the patch and ate.

Eating berries in the back of the van while the guy went to get us more baskets.

Ava giving me a little "tada" pose when we finished. The cost of four 4L baskets of strawberries: $28. Apparently we got charged a little extra for "overfilling". PLEASE. Do the baskets look overfilled to you? Anyway, I got over it. It was a fun time and the best part of the whole thing was seeing Ava hug Owen afterward and tell him all about her going berry picking and how he can go too when he's a big girl.

And I really can't complain because they are the best strawberries I have eaten in a very long time. I don't remember the last time I ate a fresh strawberry that was actually red in the centre.

Ava and I went and dropped some strawberries off to Nana & Grandad but they weren't home when she went to the door.

The only other thing that happened today is it looks like Owen is a biter. Not good. Ava was a biter. It didn't last long thank goodness. Anyway, Owen bit Ethan twice today. This is the bite that made him cry. :(

That was it. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
WOW those berries look delicious ;-p
Over full my ass lol. I like the picture with the basket at the door step its GREAT!! Your little Ava is so cute to her brothers telling them when they get to be big girls I laughed ;-)
Mari said…
I don't think the baskets look over full at all! The berries look delicious though and I love the photo of Ava's red hands!
tconlan said…
Yowch, that bite looks rough! I'll bet you can't wait until Owen is a big girl, lol!! Love the color and perspective of your pics! fantastic! And no, they aren't overfilled! what a crock!