day 186 {nan's birthday}

Happy birthday Nan! Today was my grandmother's 91st birthday. The kids and I went to the nursing home to visit her (Jason was golfing in a tournament). Unfortunately because my mom and I ended up chasing the boys the entire time we sat outside I didn't get many pictures of her. She was talking to Ethan in this picture.

The rest of the time it was chase, chase, chase. Owen quickly found a full watering can and a garden hose (thank god it was off) and Ethan was on the move, swatting hanging plants and getting carried away repeatedly from the garden of rocks that line the edges of the building.

We ate some cupcakes that my mom and Ava made for the occasion:

After an hour visit we headed out to go home. Considering the amount of work it takes to load everybody up I decided to take the kids for a drive. We went to the cemetery so I could visit my grandparents' graves. It was hard to explain to Ava where we were going but she's only three so it wasn't a big discussion. She decided to pick some flowers for her Nana Great (she knows who she is from pictures of when she was a little baby):

The boys were kind of crabby afterward so I drove slow going home. A few minutes later I turned around to see this:

What do you do when you have two sleeping babies? You sure as hell don't go home and you keep the car moving. The problem is Arthur is only so big and Ava kept asking "why did we drive by our street"? So Ava and I decided to drive to the Dairy Queen fifteen minutes away for ice cream.

Of course when we got there Ava was asleep and the boys were awake. That's just how it goes. Anyway, I'm not an ice cream person, but I got a treat too:

Ava woke up to eat her ice cream although during the first couple of bites I thought she was going to fall asleep in it.

So just to recap:

Two regular hamburgers, 1 small fruitopia and 1 white milk: $5.57
One small vanilla soft serve ice cream cone: $2.30
Having an hour to yourself with nobody crying or beating the crap out of each other: priceless.

To top it all off it was a beautiful day outside. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue,

there was a rainbow around 7:30

and a really cool sunset about 9 pm. The sun setting cast this really unusual pink glow on everything on our street and inside our house. It was awesome but it didn't last for long. Less than 10 minutes and it was gone.

It reminded me of a picture I saw this morning of a sunset in NYC. Apparently these clouds are called mammatus clouds. Anyway, the one I saw wasn't as spectacular as the NYC one, but it was still pretty cool.

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Awesome pics Jen! Love the rainbow and the sunset! And Happy Birthday to your Nan! I totally hear ya on the "keep on driving" when the kids are napping in the car. Jason and I joke that the only peace & quiet we ever get is a long car ride :)
Shannon said…
Beautiful photos Jen! I would have done the exact same thing. Nothink wrong with going for a drive to keep them quiet.
Mari said…
Great shots again! I love the sleeping one of the boys and the ice cream one of Ava.
Hey Jen
I love the picture of the sunset.
Great ice cream shot of Ava ! She is so cute.
When I look at the strawberry's pictures you took, I could almost taste them.
Mel bought some this weekend and made a pie.
It was gone so fast. I didn't get to take a picture. But I had 3 pieces myself. :O)
Have a good week.
listgirl said…
Sounded like a great day Jennifer! So sunny and beautiful sunset and rainbow! Oh and DQ. What could be better?
Anonymous said…
Your pictures show a Beautiful Day Jennifer!