day 187 {will listen for smarties}

Today was a work day and I will actually be working five days this week so the pictures could get pretty few and far between. Anyway, I got a few today and that's all that matters.

Tonight I called home from the car because I knew I had to pick up milk and wanted to know if we needed anything else. Ava picked up the phone and asked me what I was bringing home for her. Uh oh. Looks like she's picked up on a pattern. Not good. I still brought smarties home for her, but it sounds like I need to cut it out.

Anyway, we had a little chat because she was being bad. Of course the second smarties are at stake she's a little angel. Here she is sorting them:

I don't remember what she was telling me here but I'm sure it was quite the story.

Today marked 16 years since my Grandad passed away from lung cancer (his wife, my grandmother, is my only living grandparent and was in the pictures from yesterday) so this is one of many days that I think of him. His father fought in WWI and he served in WWII as a member of the Royal Engineers, printing maps for the British Armed Forces while stationed in the caves in Egypt. He is the reason our family ended up in Canada as he brought his young family here to get away from post-war England.

Here's something interesting I found when I was going through some old pictures. I have always told people that the boys are a spitting image of Jason. Ethan has times where I think he resembles me, but by and large I don't see a whole lot of resemblance between me and the boys. UNTIL...I came across the above picture of me with my grandparents.

Check this out: that's me on the left and Ethan on the right. So I'd say there's a little of me in there somewhere.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
J, that was very thoughtful of you to remember your grandad, he would be very proud of you.
Mari said…
I love that picture of Ava - she looks quite angelic! The picture of you and Ethan is amazing - you look a lot alike!
Melissa said…
Very cute pics, Jen! The old ones bring back so many memories!

Love the ones of Ava - could your kids get any cuter???