day 188 {a miserable day}

Today was miserable. The weather was cold and overcast and more like an October day than July. It was a decent day until lunchtime when I got a call from my bank to say that my interac card "may have been compromised". Not good. So I raced to my online banking to see if money was missing. There's a pile of it missing, but it wasn't stolen. ;) Or maybe it was? Damn lady at the strawberry patch.

Anyway, I had to leave work early to go get a new bank card which brings me to one of only three pictures I took today. Here's the bank sign:

From there I went home to see that the babysitter apparently had a bad day too. Seeing our four dinette chairs hidden in the kitchen is a usual sight but when I opened the door today I discovered the dining room table must have been the attraction of the day because the kitchen had an extra six chairs in it.

Then her day must have gotten even better (please note the sarcasm) because look who came back to visit? Hooray. The Jehovah's Witnesses popped by for another visit. I don't know what you are looking for guys, but look for it somewhere else.

Anyway, a few other things happened today but I didn't get pictures of them. Other good pictures today would have included:

- My reaction when I got the message about my bank account followed by my disappointment when I realized my bank balance was correct.
- The look of disgust on my face when I drove past the Fergus Gardens "you will be charged for heaped containers" sign. Heaped containers my ass, lady.
- Me continuously checking the Michael Jackson memorial stream at my desk at work. Even though I am Michael Jacksoned out I just had to look.
- My disgust at myself for downloading "Man in the Mirror" a few minutes ago. Apparently I am not as Michael Jacksoned out as I thought.
- Tonight I watched a little bit of the Michael Jackson memorial on tv and Owen crawled into my lap during the singing of "We Are the World". So of course I downloaded that too. DAMN IT!

Anyway, it wasn't an all doom and gloom day. In the past week I have seen evidence suggesting that maybe Ava does hear the odd thing that comes out of my mouth. Case in point a few days ago she told Jason that "Journey has some good songs but they look like girls". It looks like she's becoming a classic rock fan like her parents. And her grandparents apparently. Tonight she asked me to play her the "bam-ba-lam" song for her that she heard at Grandad's house. I knew immediately what song she was talking about and played it for her. DO YOU? Scroll down to see the answer...

And that was it. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better long as the babysitter hasn't been scared off and assuming I can get out of bed in the morning. I decided it was too cold and miserable to walk so I did an ab workout DVD from the library. I can type but I can't move my arms. I should have gone for the walk. Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
I got the same phone call from the bank about 2 weeks ago. It wasn't too big of a deal except that I had to change my pin number and that has been killing me. I put the wrong one in all the time.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the Black Betty! I turned it up and the kids loved it and starting dancing. Put us in a wonderful mood ;-) Thanks
No problem Mara! It's one of my favourites. I had no idea it came out the year I was born. The things you learn from YouTube!

It's funny you mention that Shannon. They recommended I change my pin too. I went to use my card today and of course entered the wrong number. Remembering a new pin after using the old one for 20 years is not going to happen overnight I guess. What a pain!
Tara said…
well Ava :) that is a fine choice of song :):) and no I didn't guess, I am lousy with titles and artist names, I just enjoy the music :):)