day 192 {jorin & kelly's wedding}

Leaving both sets of grandparents to tag team a full 30 hours with the kids, we left first thing in the morning for a wedding in Windsor. Entering the parking lot of the hotel I saw the second best phrase in the English language (with "all day breakfast" being the best and which oddly enough was available at the 24-hour Golden Griddle next door): "free hi-speed wireless internet". Sa-weet.

Me at the wedding in Darryl's sunglasses.

The church steeple.

What do you do when you have 4 hours to kill between the ceremony and reception? Sun tan. When I saw this I laughed my head off. Dave took the ironing board from his hotel room, a wet washcloth for his forehead and a beer and worked on his tan in the parking lot.

Later at the reception. It seems the big trend now is to do the first dance immediately following the wedding party's entrance into the hall. It's different and I like it. Anyway, the bride and groom looked great and the hall was very nice. It was a beautiful day which was surprising considering the torrential rain we drove through most of the ride there.

Thanks for looking!