day 193 {back from windsor}

Not much in the way of pictures today as we spent the morning travelling back from Windsor and I grabbed a nap in the afternoon while the boys were asleep.

It looks like maybe the kids missed us while we were gone.

(Owen's in red and Ethan is in orange.)

That was it. Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
I love the princess crown and the necklace on your husband. Too cute!
Karen E. said…
Sure looks like the children were happy to see you! Being crowned is certainly the best welcome for Dad! Hope that you had a great time. Thanks for posting earlier a picture from the wedding. welcome back.
Wow who is the little princess? He's cute! Also such a fabulous necklace to match the crown.
Just Kidding Jason!
You have a lot of patience when it comes to that kind of stuff.
All 3 must kick you, hit you and pull your hair, it's part of being parents I guess.The kids probably think it's so much fun too.
I think it's great that you let Jen take that photo.
Have a great day!
Jason Roberts