day 194 {swimming lessons}

Today was day one of our vacation and day one of Ava's swimming lessons. This is her second year of lessons but the first year we aren't in the pool with her. Like everything with Ava it took some convincing to get her into the pool.

Finally she agreed to get in and then seemed to be fine practicing her swimming

and jumping in.

Then they sang some songs in a circle. I looked over from the playground where I was watching the boys and started taking pictures. I was wondering where Ava was because I didn't see her with the rest of the group.

Then I realized she had dunked herself and was underwater. From the look on her face and her teacher's reaction it was definitely not intentional lol. She had slipped.

And that was it for today. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
haha I love the picture of Jas giving Ava the pep funny! It looks like she enjoyed the rest of her lesson. Sara