day 196 {america's got talent}

Swimming lessons are still going very well. I didn't take many pictures today but I did take a few pictures of Ava watching America's Got Talent (it's like a train wreck - I have to watch it). She was very impressed with the Platt brothers (see clip below) and watched it over and over. She looked so cute sitting there in her little pink tutu.

Then she gave me her customary play-by-play of everything that happened from start to finish.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Hey, you missed a day!! I think you did anyways. Great shots! Love Ava's expressions.
Sheri said…
We like to watch it too! We've watched it every year since it started! Love Ava's expressions!
Nope - I didn't miss a day. I was just too tired to post today's pictures and posted yesterday's today. Yesterday's pictures will be posted this afternoon!
Mari said…
I love her expressions! I'm enjoying Americas got talent too!