day 197 {play date}

We moved twice when I was young, so there are very few people that I have known my entire life. I have been friends with Michele and Lisa since kindergarten. We lost track of each other for a few years with each of us going to different schools but here we are twenty seven years later and we all live within a kilometer of each other. Big thanks to Lisa for arranging our play date and to her eldest daughter for taking this fabulous picture. :)

And here are our five of our eight kids (my boys and one of Michele's are missing).

Loaded up and ready to go home with a few more than I arrived with.

The other noteable thing that happened today? SOMEBODY wrote all over the kitchen wall with a red pen.

That was it. Thanks for looking!


it was me jen I have the red pen! Great pictures!
Anonymous said…
So happy to see the three of you together once again .
Early friendships stand the test of time.
The grandkids are always welcome at Nana's house.
Kids regress sometimes, it's only temporary!
Love to all. Mom
Congratulations, Ava....
SocRMum1 said…
Oh my...Miss Ava does NOT look happy in that last picture. :(

But you and your friends look fabulous!