day 198 {report card}

Today was a good day. Ava was allowed to take one of her parents in the pool with her for swimming lessons. I reached my second weight loss goal yesterday, so putting on a bathing suit wasn't the stressful experience it usually is.

Ava got her Sea Turtle mid-session report card. She's rocking her front float but needs to practice dunking her head under water and jumping to her instructor.

After five months of few accidents, we have hit a rough patch with Ava. After the third accident of the day and the third time getting in trouble, we found Ava in her room packing. She wasn't upset but she was packing to go to Nana's house. She was going through a mental checklist. She needed lots of underwear and pants but only one shirt because she wouldn't pee on it. She wanted help zipping up her bag because there were so many toys, pants and underwear she couldn't close the bag.

Some days the boys look very similar and some days they look totally different. Today they looked totally different. Maybe it's because Ethan's hair was totally wild and they need haircuts, but there was no mistaking who was who today.

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Hooray for you! Poor Ava - I hope things start to improve on the potty training front.