day 199 {world photo walk}

My apologies because this is going to be a LONG post. I have lots of pictures from today.

Today we celebrated Grandma & Grandpa McDougall's 60th wedding anniversary. We had a fun time seeing everybody and celebrating the occasion. Here they are: :)

Ava liked it because she got to see her cousins.

The boys liked it because there were lots of fun things to check out at their eye level like fire extinguishers, oscillating fans, the computer mouse in the reception area, not to mention the sliding doors that magically open when you stand on the mat allowing you to make a break for it. Here's Owen dashing for the exit. ;)

After that, I went with Jason Roberts to meet up with Karen & Janie for the 2nd Annual World Photo Walk in Kitchener. World Photo Walk was created by Scott Kelby. It's a free walk that was held in cities all over the world today. We met up with the group at the Kitchener train station and toured the factory district, Victoria Park and City Hall. It was very cool. Lots of stuff to take pictures of including lots of graffiti.

First discovery of the evening? The track switcher thing makes a hell of a tripod.

Rusty railway pins.

Graffiti on a passing train.

There was no shortage of graffiti and cool doorways.

Then we hit the mother load of graffiti. Unfortunately it looked better from afar than up close.

This was hilarious. I was drawn to this plant in a garden on our walk. We were all taken by the colour and took pictures of it. I made a mental note to ask my mother-in-law the name of this beautiful plant. Then I realized it was PLASTIC. Who puts fake plants in a garden with real plants?! Anyway, it looks obvious in this picture but it wasn't that obvious as it fooled all of us.

Other randoms from the walk:

Photos in the little shanty town by the tracks.

A cool wall made out of bags of concrete.

This appears to be the summer of Bud Light Lime. Everywhere we went there were billboards for it.

Cool clouds in the factory district.

My reflection in a dirty window.

Cool sky.

Barbed wire.

A fire hydrant.

Me in action wearing my favourite shoes. Check the sexy white socks.

A dog we met on our walk. His name is Barney and he's a rescue dog.

Jason horsing around.

Random portraits along the way. Big thanks Jason for being a willing subject.

Our leader came back to find us three times to make sure we weren't jumped by a transient or hit by a train. His comment to us? "This road is 250 m long and it took you an hour to walk it." Yep. And why? Because of shiny objects, reflections and group pictures.

Our Charlie's Angels shot.

From left: Karen, me, Janie, Jason. Look at how tall Janie is!

Then it was on to Victoria Park - yet another place in Kitchener I have never been to. It was perfect because Ribfest was on and there were lots of things to take pictures of.

Then we walked to City Hall where we were able to get some cool shots. As we walked past the Pizza Pizza we saw the cutest dog.

If you look to the left in the above picture you will see two birds sitting on the bars. A Jamaican man came out of the Pizza Pizza and proudly introduced us to the birds. Meet John the Baptist and Moses lol.

What a great day. The photo walk was great. I think we were all inspired and had a lot of fun. I would definitely do the walk again next year. Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Jen, great pics! You made me look at the city I live in differently. It's funny to recognize the places you were because normally I don't :) Makes me want to go to Victoria park and actually walk around there and instead of just driving by :)
Anonymous said…
Haha your last picture of the birds is hilarious..they look like they have a personality. I also like the one of Jason jumping through the air, very cool! Sara
Lucy Corrander said…
A year's supply of images in an hour!

Specially like fire-hydrant 6 - bright, simple and memorable.

The iron pins make a wonderful pattern too.

And how did Jason jump that high?

Mari said…
Awesome shots! I've enjoyed going on your walk with you and can't pick a favorite!
Shannon said…
Wow, it looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Great shots you got!!
Wow all the photos are so awesome.
I'm glad someone got a picture of Pete and Mary. I totaly forgot to get one of them together. I can't thank you enough for asking me along on the walk. I had a great time. Dinner was fit for a King. Nothing better than a royal dinner at BK before a 3 hour walk.
I was happy to meet your friends Karen and Janie. I hope they had as much fun as I did.
I think the picture of all 4 of us is inspiring. You should submit that one.
Have a great week.
Thanks again Jen :o)
Jason Roberts
listgirl said…
Congrats to your grandparents! That photo walk sounds so fun! That photo of your shadows is amazing. And the fake plant - hilarious.
Rhonda said…
Great job on the photowalk's so neat to see what others saw in the same place! Too bad we didn't get a chance to chat a little more...we had to get back to our girls so we missed Victoria Park all together.